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Many earlier authors - and even some recent ones - treated Troides staudingeri as a subspecies of T. haliphron. Some even confused it with T. helena. Haugum & Low (1983) reviewed the haliphron/staudingeri complex and consequently raised T. staudingeri to specific rank. This has later been supported by a.o. Hancock (1983).

The reader is recommended to study the arguments presented by Haugum & Low (1983), which this author regards to be correct.

Like T. haliphron, T. staudingeri is a lowland species. It is not rare, but is presumably less abundant than T. haliphron.

Very few field observations have been published, and little is known about the life history of staudingeri.

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T. staudingeri iris

Auctor: Röber, 1888
Distribution: Leti Is., Moa Isls., ?Kisar Is., Babar Is., Wetar Is.
Etymology: Iris was a personification of the rainbow; in Greek mythology
a winged maid.
Described forms:
mf. irinkai Rumbucher & Schaffler, 2004
  mf. melanie Rumbucher & Schaffler, 2004

T. staudingeri ariadne

Auctor: Rothschild, 1908
Distribution: Roma (=Romang) Is.
Etymology: Ariadne was daughter of king Minos of Crete, and Pasifaë.
Described forms:

T. staudingeri heptanonius

Auctor: Fruhstorfer, 1913
Syn.: ariadne D'Abrera, 1975
Distribution: Damar Is.
Etymology: Hepta = 7
Described forms:

T. staudingeri rikyu

Auctor: Arima & Morimoto, 1991
Distribution: Serua Is.
Notes: For reasons unknown to this author, Arima & Morimoto (1991)
placed the taxon as a subspecies of T.haliphron.
Described forms:

T. staudingeri staudingeri

Auctor: Röber, 1888
Distribution: Loeng Is., Sermatta Is., Babar Is.
Etymology: Named after Mr Staudinger.
Described forms:

T. staudingeri ikarus

Auctor: Fruhstorfer, 1904
Syn: ikarius Stephan, 1909
Distribution: Selaru Is., Tanimber Is.
Etymology: Ikaros was the son of Daedalus, who - when trapped in the Cretan labyrinth -
escaped by man-made wings of birds' faethers.
Described forms:

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