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IUCN conservation status category: INDETERMINATE.

Schoenbergia rothschildi has the smallest distribution of any birdwing butterfly. It was first encountered by C. B. Pratt, who received a male specimen collected by a native collector on Mt. Koberai, at 2,700 metres. It is not found lower than 1,800 metres.

S. rothschildi's habitat is sheltered valleys and ravines which are heated by the sun and protected from the winds.

The males will usually seek towards flowering trees, 5 metres above the ground. Flight is high on the sunny days, while it is close to ground on windy days.

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S. rothschildi

Auctor: Kenrick, 1911
Distribution: Irian Jaya; Mt.Arfak, Lake Anggi, Manyam Bou
Etymology: Named in honour of Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild, who financed
several expeditions.
Described forms:
mf. kenricki Haugum & Low, 1979
mf. sublustris Parrott & Deslisle, 1986
mf. oceanus Schäffler, 2001
mf. fabricei Deslisle & Sclavo, 2008
ff. kirschoides Haugum & Low, 1979
ff. illustris Parrott & Deslisle, 1986
  ff. mariejeanneae Deslisle & Sclavo, 2008

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