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Although some specimens have been offered for sale over the years, practically nothing is known about riedeli's distribution or life-history.

It is an endemic to Tanimbar island, east of Timor. The Tanimbar islands consist of a great number of non-volcanic islands, whereof only 7 are inhabited. The biggest of the islands is Pulau Yamdena, and it is assumed that the known specimens of riedeli have been collected in that island. Other adjacent islands of a certain size include P. Molu, P.Larat, P. Nuswotar, P. Sera and P. Selaru (T. staudingeri ikarus is known from P. Selaru). The Tanimbars are renowned for its Larat orchids.


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T. riedeli

Auctor: Kirsch, 1885
Distribution: Tanimbar Isls.
Etymology: Named after Mr J.G.F.Riedel of Dresden, who first collected riedeli.
Described forms:

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