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Troides oblongomaculatus is the only Troides stretching as far east as New Guinea. According to Michael Parsons (1991) it is still extending its range in New Guinea. One can assume that the species originated in the Moluccas and that it later penetrated into the Melanesian region.

T. oblongomaculatus is common, often abundant, wherever its larval foodplant, Aristolochia tagala, grows. It is often found even in towns and villages.

Although oblongomaculatus is rarely seen above 1000 m, there are records from 1,800 m (Buru).

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T. oblongomaculatus thestius

Auctor: Staudinger, 1895
Syn.: leda Staudinger, 1891 nec Wallace, 1865
Syn.: celebensis Rothschild, 1895 nec Wallace, 1865 (partim)
Syn.: thestius Staudinger, 1895 (nom. nov. pro leda Staudinger, 1891)
Syn.: celebensis Staudinger, 1895 nec Wallace, 1865
Syn.: clebensis Pagenstecher, 1909
Distribution: Salayar Is.
Etymology: Thestios was father of Leda, king of Pleuron and Anatolia.
Described forms:
mf. thestius Staudinger, 1895
mf. bernhardus Fruhstorfer, 1898
ff. thestius Staudinger, 1895 (= leda Staudinger, 1891 nec Wallace, 1865) (syn.: aetolis Ohya, 1983)
ff. leda Ohya, 1983
ff. aetolis Ohya, 1983

T. oblongomaculatus ssp. noname

Auctor: sensu Haugum & Low, 1985
Syn.: oblongomaculatus celebensis Rothschild, 1895 (partim)
nec celebensis Wallace, 1865
Syn.: oblongomaculatus ? ssp. nov Rothschild, 1896
Syn.: helena celebensis Staudinger, 1896 (partim) nec celebensis
Wallace, 1865
Syn.: oblongomaculatus nov. ssp. Fruhstorfer, 1904
Syn.: haliphron minahassae Franz, 1952 (nom. nud.)
Syn.: ? thestius Ohya, 1983 (partim) nec thestius Staudinger, 1895
Distribution: Sulawesi
Etymology: - - - -
Described forms:

T. oblongomaculatus bouruensis

Auctor: Wallace, 1865
Syn.: hellen Boisduval, 1832
Syn.: helena Staudinger, 1895 nec Linnaeus, 1758
Syn.: ohzui Kobayashi & Koiwaya, 1979
Syn.: ohzui Tsukada & Nishiyama, 1980
Syn.: mangolensis Tsukada & Nishiyama, 1980
Distribution: Buru Is., Sula Mangole.
Etymology: Named after its type locality, Buru Is.
Described forms:
mf. bouruensis Wallace, 1865
mf. ohzui Kobayashi & Koiwaya, 1979
mf. mixtum Joicey & Talbot, 1924 (described as a male form of T.prattorum, but according to Howarth (1977) the specimen was a natural hybrid)
ff. bouruensis Wallace, 1865
ff. capnodia Jordan, 1908 (bouruensis Ohya, 1983 part.)
ff. argidia Jordan, 1908 (= argidea Howarth, 1977 = bouruensis D'Abrera, 1975)
ff. ohzui Kobayashi & Koiwaya, 1979
ff. nagai Ohya, 1983

T. oblongomaculatus oblongomaculatus

Auctor: Goeze, 1779
Syn.: osiris Ehrmann, 1925
Syn.: papuensis Holland, 1927 nec Wallace, 1865
Syn.: ?asartia (see notes under T.oblongomaculatus asartia)
Distribution: Seram, Ambon, Saparua, Haruku, Seram Laut, Geser,
Nusa Laut, Nusa Is.
Etymology: Oblongus = oblong, rather long. Maculosus = spotted.
Described forms:
mf. oblongomaculatus Goeze, 1779
mf. linos Haugum & Low, 1982
mf. melaina Ohya, 1983
ff. oblongomaculatus Goeze, 1779
ff. ohzuoides Ohya, 1983
ff. goezei Dufrane, 1930

T. oblongomaculatus asartia

Auctor: Rothschild, 1908
Syn.: asartius Kurosawa, 1966
Syn.: oblongomaculatus D'Abrera, 1975
Syn.: hanno Ohya, 1983 (part.) nec Fruhstorfer, 1904
Distribution: Seram Laut Is.
Notes: Haugum & Low (1985) regarded asartia to be a f.loc. of
T.oblongomaculatus oblongomaculatus
Described forms:

T. oblongomaculatus bandensis

Auctor: Pagenstecher, 1904
Syn.: oblongomaculatus Rothschild, 1895 nec Goeze, 1779
Distribution: Banda Islands; Banda Besar (=Lontar Is. ="Great
Banda Is".), Neira Is.
Etymology: Named after its type locality, Banda Is.
Described forms:
ff. bandensis Pagenstecher, 1904
  ff. selene Ohya, 1982

T. oblongomaculatus hanno

Auctor: Fruhstorfer, 1904
Syn.: hanus Jordan, 1908
Distribution: Gorong Is., Watubela Is., Kasiui Is., Tifoor (=Wirmaf) Is.
Described forms:
ff. hanno Fruhstorfer, 1904
  ff. lucina Jordan, 1908
  ff. diana Jordan, 1908

T. oblongomaculatus papuensis

Auctor: Wallace, 1865
Syn.: helena Boisduval, 1832 nec Linnaeus, 1758
Syn.: amphimedon Vollenhoven, 1860 nec Cramer, 1779
Syn.: melpomena Rippon, 1893
Syn.: melpomona Rippon, 1893
Syn.: helena Dannat, 1897 nec Linnaeus, 1758
Syn.: papuanus Rothschild, 1895
Syn.: ilonae Schäffler, 1999
Distribution: Salawati Is., New Guinea, Yapen Is., Kairiru Is., Manam
(= Vulcan) Is., Karkar Is., ?Torres Strait islands. Distrubution in
Irian Jaya and Central New Guinea is unknown.
Etymology: Named after its type locality, Papua (East New Guinea; 'Salwatty' Is.).
Notes: T.oblongomaculatus papuensis is widely distributed all over
New Guinea. However, in certain localities we can see certain
developments towards what might be new subspecies in the future.
Such local forms can be seen in the mountains of Mt.Arfak and
Mt.Sterren, Irian Jaya.
Described forms:
mf. papuensis Wallace, 1865
mf. irregularis Dannatt, 1897
mf. sordidus Joicey & Talbot, 1924 (syn.: cellanigra Rousseau-Decelle, 1924)
mf. grosesmithi Rippon, 1906
mf. carolus Fruhstorfer, 1897
mf. rubra Pagenstecher, 1904
ff. papuensis Wallace, 1865
ff. papuana Oberthür, 1879 (syn.: melpomona Rippon, 1893, melpomena Rippon, 1893, radiata Niepelt, 1934)
ff. obsoleta Dufrane, 1930
ff. carolus Fruhstorfer, 1897
ff. biroi Horwath & Mocsary, 1900
ff. rubra Pagenstecher, 1904
ff. jennyae Deslisle, 1996

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