The World of Birdwing Butterflies




Auctor: Rippon, 1894
Syn.: Ætheoptera Rippon, 1894
Distribution: N.E. Papua New Guinea, Solomon Isls.
Etymology: Æther = heaven, pteron = wing, feather.
Notes: The genus comprises 1 species; victoriae.
Most recent authors place Aetheoptera as a subgenus of Ornithoptera.


Auctor: Deslisle, 2001
Syn.: Zeunera Deslisle, 2001 (nom. praeocc.)
Distribution: N.E. Papua New Guinea.
Etymology: Named after Raymond Straatman (1917-1987).
Notes: The genus comprises 1 species; alexandrae.
Most authors place alexandrae under Ornithoptera.
  The name Zeunera was named after F.E.Zeuner, author of of Studies in the Systematics
  of Troides and its Allies; Distribution and Phylogeny in Relation to the Geological History
  of the Australasian Archipelago.


Auctor: Boisduval, 1832
Syn.: Ornithopterus Westwood, 1840
Syn.: Priamusptera Rippon, 1889
Syn.: Priamuspterus Rippon, 1898
Syn.: Priamoptera Rippon, 1894
Syn.: Troides Rothschild, 1895
Syn.: Troides Waterhouse & Lyell, 1914
Syn.: Troides Bryk, 1929
Distribution: From Halmahera and Obi in the west, via New Guinea to the
Solomon Islands in the east and to New South Wales,
Australia, in the south.
Etymology: Ornis = bird, pteron = wing, feather.
Notes: The genus comprises 3 species; aesacus, priamus and croesus.


Auctor: Pagenstecher, 1893
Syn.: Schöenbergia Pagenstecher, 1893, rect. Schoenbergia
Syn.: Schænburgia Rippon, 1894
Syn.: Schænburgi Rippon, 1894
Syn.: Schoenbergia Rippon, 1902
Syn.: Phalænosoma Rippon, 1906
Syn.: Ornithoptera D'Abrera, 1975
Distribution: Seram, New Guinea and adjacent islands.
Etymology: Named after Mr von Schönberg of Namburg.
Notes: The genus comprises 6 species; goliath, rothschildi, chimaera,
tithonus, paradisea and meridionalis.
Most recent authors place Schoenbergia as a subgenus of


Auctor: Rippon, 1898
Syn.: Ornithoptera Wallace,1865
Syn.: Ornithoptera Hewitson, 1855
Syn.: Papilio Vollenhoven, 1860
Syn.: Troides Rothschild, 1895
Syn.: Trigonoptera Sharp, 1900
Syn.: Papilio Jordan, 1908
Distribution: Burma - Thailand - Malaya - Palawan - Borneo/Kalimantan -
Etymology: Trogon = gnawing, pteron = wing, feather.
Notes: The genus comprises 2 species; brookiana and trojana.


Auctor: Haugum & Low, 1975
Syn.: Papilio Eques Trojanus Cramer, 1775
Syn.: Princeps dominans Hübner, 1816
Syn.: Troides Hübner, 1823
Syn.: Ornithoptera Boisduval, 1836
Syn.: Pompeusptera Rippon, 1889
Syn.: Pompeoptera Rippon, 1890 & 1902
Syn.: Troides Rothschild, 1895
Syn.: Papilio Jordan, 1908
Syn.: Ornithoptera Martin, 1915
Syn.: Troides Zeuner, 1943
Syn.: Troides D'Abrera, 1975
Distribution: Sulawasi - Moluccas.
Etymology: Named in honour of Mr Robert Henry Fernando Rippon, author of
a.o. ICONES ORNITHOPTERORUM (completed in 1906).
Notes: The genus comprises 1 species; hypolitus.
Many authors still place Ripponia as a synonym of Troides.


Auctor: Hübner, 1823
Syn.: Amphrisius Swainson, 1833
Syn.: Ornithopterus Westwood, 1840
Syn.: Papilio Gray, 1852
Syn.: Ornithoptera Moore, 1881
Syn.: Pompeusptera Rippon, ?1889
Syn.: Pompeuspterus Rippon, ?1889
Syn.: Pompeoptera Rippon, 1894 & 1902
Syn.: Priamoptera Rippon, 1893
Syn.: Ornithoptera Kirby, 1885
Syn.: Papilio Jordan, 1908
Distribution: From India in the west to China in the north, Indonesia in the south
and New Guinea in the east.
Notes: The genus comprises 19 species; amphrysus, cuneifera, miranda,
andromache, darsius, haliphron, staudingeri, plato, riedeli,
criton, vandepolli, helena, oblongomaculatus, rhadamantus,
dohertyi, minos, aeacus, prattorum and magellanus.

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