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This beautiful member of the haliphron group inhabits the island of Sri Lanka.

As the country's forests are being cut down to give way for cultivation, darsius becomes increasingly rarer. Once a common butterfly that could be observed even in the lowland cities today survive mainly in the mountains. It has been recorded from sea-level to 2,000 m, but is now seldom seen in the lowlands.

T. darsius is most active during morning and early afternoon.

Much has been said about the scent of darsius. While the female smells like musty straw, the male has an odour which has been compared to that of sassafras, cinnamon, Canada-balsam, rosemary or even rose-scented hair-oil.

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T. darsius

Auctor: Gray, [1853]
Syn.: amphimedon Doubleday, 1846 nec Cramer, 1779
Syn.: cambyses Ehrmann, 1904
Syn.: isis Ehrmann, 1926
Distribution: Sri Lanka
Described forms:
mf. cambyses Ehrmann, 1904
mf. clementinae Sala, 1992
ff. donae Sala, 1992
  ff. melanie Rumbucher & Schaffler, 2004

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