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Troides criton is presumably common in nature, at least throughout parts of its range.

Several well defined forms exist of both subspecies.

T. criton is said to be a species of the interior of the islands. Despite obviously being a fairly common species, not much is known about its habitat or life-history.

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T. criton criton

Auctor: Felder, 1860
Distribution: Morotai Is., Halmahera Is., Bacan Is., Ternate Is.
Etymology: Kritos = the chosen.
Described forms:
ff. androgyna Jordan, 1908
ff. neocriton Haugum & Low, 1983
ff. oberthueri Rothschild, 1895
ff. neofelderi Haugum & Low, 1983
ff. criton Felder, 1860 (= felderi Rothschild, 1895)
ff. pseudocriton Haugum & Low, 1983

T. criton critonides

Auctor: Fruhstorfer, 1903
Syn.: critonoides Rippon, 1906
Syn.: criton Niepelt, 1927 nec Felder, 1860
Syn.: criton D'Abrera, 1971, 1975
Distribution: Obi Is.
Etymology: Critonides is a patrynomic derivation from criton.
Described forms:
mf. critonides Rippon, 1906
mf. hypactis Niepelt, 1927
ff. critonoides Fruhstorfer, 1903 (= melas Jordan, 1908)
ff. cinna Fruhstorfer, 1908
ff. clara Jordan, 1908 (= criton D'Abrera, 1975 nec Felder, 1860)

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