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Trogonoptera brookiana was first found in Northern Borneo, near Sarawak. It was named after the 'White Raja of Sarawak', Captain Brooke, who ruled the province for the Englishmen in the middle of the 19th century.

It is a beautiful species, one of only two representatives of the genus Trogonoptera.

T. brookiana's known distribution has been restricted to Malaya, Borneo and Sumatra. In the last few years several new subspecies have been described from the offshore islands of Sumatra.

T. brookiana is probably more common in West Malaysia than in the rest of its range. According to Mr Robert R. Herd who stayed a year in Brunei around 1983, T. brookiana was never common in that part of Borneo.

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T. brookiana albescens

Auctor: Rothschild, 1895
Distribution: Burma; Mt.Moulmein, Thailand, Malay Peninsula
Etymology: Name refers to the white markings of the female.
Described forms:
mf. wongensis Barlow, 1972

T. brookiana mollumar
Auctor: D'Abrera, Doggett & Parker, 1976
Distribution: Malay Peninsula; Johor.
Notes: Haugum & Low (1982) discussed if the taxon eleanor Walker, 1889
might apply to a female from Johor. In this case, the correct name for
brookiana from Johor should be T.brookiana eleanor Walker, 1889.
Future investigations should reveal the correct taxonomy.
According to Mr Abiel Neo of the Butterfly Interest Group of
Singapore, brookiana does not occur in the island of Singapore.
Described forms:

T. brookiana trogon

Auctor: Snellen van Vollenhoven, 1860
Distribution: Sumatra, Simeulue Is., Sipura Is.
Etymology: Trogo = to gnaw .
Notes: Specimens from Mt. Dempo, South Sumatra, are currently placed under
  ssp. trogon.
Described forms:
mf. walshi Haugum & Low, 1982
mf. walshoides Haugum & Low, 1982
ff. ? elenaor Walker, 1889. According to Haugum & Low (1982) this taxon probably refers to brookiana from Johor (see notes under T.brookiana mollumar)

T. brookiana jikoi

Auctor: Kobayashi, 1986
Distribution: Tuangku Is., Banyak Is.
Described forms:

T. brookiana akikoae

Auctor: Morita, 1994
Distribution: Tanahmasa Is.
Notes: Possibly a synonym of T.brookiana mariae.
Described forms:

T. brookiana mariae

Auctor: Neukirchen, 1993
Distribution: Batu Isls.
Etymology: Named after the author's grandmother, Mrs Maria Krings.
Described forms:

T. brookiana toshikii

Auctor: Kobayashi, 1991
Syn.: apolloniae Neukirchen, 1992
Distribution: Siberut, Kep. Mentawai
Etymology: ---
(apolloniae: named after Mrs Appolonia Zöller)
Described forms:

T. brookiana cardinaali

Auctor: Haugum & Low, 1982
Distribution: P.Singkep, P.Lingga
Etymology: Named after Henk Cardinaal, who was the first to collect the taxon,
on 01May1955
Described forms:

T. brookiana natunensis

Auctor: Rothschild, 1908
Syn.: brookianus Rothschild, 1895
Distribution: Natuna Is.
Etymology: Named after its type locality, Natuna Besar.
Described forms:

T. brookiana brookiana

Auctor: Wallace, 1855
Syn.: brockiana Becker, 1855
Syn.: brookea Stevens, 1855
Syn.: brookeanus Felder, 1864
Syn.: brookeana Wallace, 1865
Syn.: brookianus Rothschild, 1895
Distribution: North Borneo
Etymology: Named in honour of Sir James Brooke, who in 1841 was appointed
  Rajah of Sarawak..
Described forms:
futurus Krüger, 1925

broofrim.jpg (8077 bytes)

T. brookiana haugumei

Auctor: Parrott, 1991
Distribution: East Kalimantan; Ambalat, Kutai National Park, Bontang,
Melak, Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, Ringas, Sintang.
Etymology: Named in honour of Danish entomologist Mr. Jan Haugum.
Described forms:

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