About the author: Tony Nagypal

The author of this web site was born in 1958. His interest for Lepidoptera started at age 13.

Today Tony's collection contains three main parts; Scandinavian butterflies, Birdwing Butterflies and Papilionidae of the World (the latter still being stored in boxes as papered specimens. The birdwings occupy too much space!).

Although Tony's main interest is butterflies, also travelling takes up much of his free time (and funds...). More than 80 countries have been visited so far, making this guy feeling very privileged. (The secret behind all that travelling? Tony is an airline employee...).

Lierstranda - 48kB ᳺlΡgypᬢ width=

At a time when Daddy was a biker and his 1950 model Tempo with a 125cc Sachs engine was more interesting than butterflies.
(Home, 1959).

The Gambia - 16kB ﮹ Nagypal

First visit to Africa also gave the first Swallowtail in the collection - a Papilio demodocus - plus a number of other butterflies.
(Cape St. Mary, The Gambia, DEC 1975).

Athens Railway Station, 1978 ﮹ Nagypal

A hectic trip alone around Europe - from Haparanda in Northern Sweden to the C䥠d'Azur and Athens in a month.
(Athens, Greece, JUL 1978).

New Zealand - 41kB ﮹ Nagypal

At ice in a beautiful mountain range. Kia hoahai!
(Fox Glacier, Southern Alps, South Island, New Zealand, NOV 1979).

Philippines - 38kB ﮹ Nagypal

Where driving is a serious health hazard!
(Manila, Philippines, NOV 1979).

Sahara - 33kB ﮹ Nagypal

Stuck in the soft sand. This is the home of many scorpions and snakes. But even here, in the middle
of Sahara, several days of travel from the nearest oasis, the author found Lepidoptera; a nice specimen of
Sphingidae and several Microlepidoptera.
(Somewhere between Tamanrasset, Algeria and Arlit, Niger, FEB 1981).

Guinea-Bissau - 40kB ﮹ Nagypal

With friends at work.
(Canchungo, Guinea-Bissau, APR 1981).

Greece - 31kB ﮹ Nagypal

With the net in the Cyclades.
(M�nos, Greece, AUG 1982).

Mexico - 46kB ﮹ Nagypal

A history of pain and human sacrifice; at Avenue of the Dead. This was the centre of the
capital of the Teotihuacᮠculture. The avenue runs from north to south with a 17o deviation
 - precisely like in other Indian cities. During the height of the Classic period (AD 150-600), more
than 250,000 people lived in this city. In the background is seen Pyramid of the Moon.
(Teotihuacᮬ Mexico, FEB 1985).

Maldives - 47kB ﮹ Nagypal

With few butterflies around; at a paradise for relaxation and recharging of your batteries.
(Little Hura, Northern Male' Atoll, Maldives, JAN 1986).

Argentina - 33kB ﮹ Nagypal

Water galore; Iguazu Falls on the Argentine-Brazilian border drops 1,750 m3 of water per second.
(Cataratas del Iguazrgentina, OCT 1986).

Australia - 69kB ﮹ Nagypal

Abundance of Danaids.
(Lake Moogerah, Queensland, Australia, SEP 1987).

Papua New Guinea - 45kB ﮹ Nagypal

In the homeland of the birdwings - without a net.
(Markham River, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea, OCT 1987).

Grenada - 50kB ﮹ Nagypal

In unspoilt surroundings in a Caribbean forest. The island houses such species as Danaus plexippus megalippe, Phoebis agarithe antilla,
Eurema venuste emanona, Dione vanillae vanillae, Junonia evarete michlaesi, Anartia jatrophae jatrophae,
Anartia amathea amathea, Hemiargus hanno watsoni, Chiomara asychis grenada, Pyrgus oileus orcus, Hylephila phylaeus phylaeus,
Nyctelius nyctelius agari
and Chiodes vintra vintra.
(Argyle, Grenada, JAN 1991).

Tonga - 54kB ﮹ Nagypal

The friendliest people on earth? This is where king Taufa'ahau Tupou IV rules the last kingdom of the Pacific rim:
Siu was dressed in black during one year to pay respect to her late mother.
(Ha'amonga'a Maui Trilithon, Niutoua, Tongatapu Island, Kingdom of Tonga, Polynesia, MAR 1994).

Norway - 42kB ﮹ Nagypal

At 69o47' North; among Pyrgus andromedae, Pyrgus centaureae, Leptidea sinapis, Colias hecla sulitelma, Colias palaeno lapponica,
Anthocaris cardamines, Pieris adalwinda, Lycaena phlaeas polaris, Celastrina argiolus, Plebeius idas lapponicus, Plebeius optilete cyparissus,
Polyommatus icarus septentrionalis, Euphydryas iduna, Boloria aquilonaris scandinavica, Boloria chariclea chariclea, Boloria eunomia montana,
Boloria euphrosyne lapponica, Boloria freija, Boloria frigga frigga, Boloria napaea lapponica, Boloria polaris, Boloria selene ?hyperborea,
Boloria thore borealis, Pararge petropolitana ominata, Erebia disa, Erebia polaris, Erebia pandrose, Oeneis bore and Oeneis norna.
(Finnmarksvidda, Norway, JUN 1995).

Greenland - 57kB ﮹ Nagypal

Above the Artic circle: Surrounded by mosquitoes and the more friendly Colias hecla hecla and Boloria chariclea arctica.
Climate at Greenland's 67o N is remarkably much more artic than at, say, 70oN in Norway.
(Sisimiut/Holsteinsborg, Greenland/Kalaallit Nunaat/Gr졮d, JUL 1996).

Iceland - 20kB ﮹ Nagypal

In a country without a single butterfly species.
(Gullfoss, Iceland, MAY 1997).

Jotunheimen - 68kB ﮹ Nagypal

Where Henrik Ibsen's Peer Gynt played with the creatures of the underworld (but did he pay attention to all those lovely Albulina orbitulus???).
(Jotunheimen, Norway, AUG 2000).


Balsfjord - 70kB ﮹ Nagypal
The mountains above the Artic circle will always be a favourite.
(Indre Troms, Norway, JUL 2001).

Amberd Fortress, Aragatsotn marz, Armenia - 63kB ﮹ Nagypal

  The Caucasus on the European-Asian border offers some of the world's finest mountains. Here, in the Armenian highland,
the fauna and flora of the European, Asian, Turkish and Iranian regions meet. Armenia is a relatively small country - smaller than
Belgium or 1/5 of Florida state - but still hosts some 240 species of butterflies.
(Amberd Fortress, Aragatsotn marz, elevation 2175 m, Armenia, JUN 2004).


Thunder Mt, Alberta - 54kB ﮹ Nagypal
The beautiful Alborz Mountain Range is situated south of the Caspian Sea, north of the Persian plateau.
Mount Damāvand, in the background, reaches 5610 metres.
(Mount Damāvand, Iran, JUN 2005).


Thunder Mt, Alberta - 54kB ﮹ Nagypal
South West Canada is an absolute amazing part of the world. Several Colias sp were plentiful along this dirt road.
(Thunder Mountain, Alberta, Canada, elevation 1350 m, JUL 2005).


Lake Batang Ai, Boreno - 45kB 䯮y Nagypal

    Abandoned house: A visit to Borneo is a mix of feelings. On the one side, experiencing the destruction of virgin rain
forests is sad. But on the other hand, Borneo still offers the visitor some truly interesting scenery. As eco tourism is growing, there is
now greater interest among local authorities to protect wildlife. A tour with our Iban friend brought us to breathtaking trails
rarely visited by outsiders.
(Lake Batang Ai, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo, AUG 2006).


Imperial Palace Park, Tokyo 䯮y Nagypal

  The park surrounding the Imperial Palace (Kōkyo) is a peaceful, nice retreat in one of the world's most interesting cities.
(Tokyo, Japan, MAR 2008).


Tumon Bay, Guam 䯮y Nagypal

  Beautiful Tumon Bay is located on the west coast of Guam. Tony was last here in 1979 and it was fantastic
to be back. A few more hotels had been added over the last 30 years, but mostly things were all the same..
(Guam, Micronesia, JUL 2009).



  Capitol, Palau 䯮y Nagypal   Badrulchau stone monoliths, Palau 䯮y Nagypal  
  Caught in the wind! The National Assembly of the Republic of Palau is called Capitol. It is situated in a most unusual capital - Ngerulmud, a settlement virtually without inhabitants. Several sources claim that 391 people live in the capital, but this is incorrect. It is the state in which the capital is located - Melekeok State - that holds a total of 391 residents! But even with 391 inhabitants Ngerulmud is the world's smallest capital.   At the country's northernmost point, in Ngarchelon State, we find an impressive collection of stone statues called "Badrulchau stone monoliths". The origin and purpose of the basalt stones are unknown, but according to the legend the gods put them there to support a huge "bai" (traditional meeting house) that held thousands of people. There are 37 stones, some weighing up to five tons.  

(Babeldaob Island, Republic of Palau, Micronesia, AUG 2009)



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