The butterflies of Norway 

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Since May 2000 this web site has offered a synopsis of the systematics of the birdwing butterflies. In addition there is a comprehensive photo gallery of the birdwings.

The author hereby presents the next section of this web site:
The butterflies of Norway.

The butterfly fauna of Norway is quite unique. Norway's geographical location on the Atlantic side of the Scandinavian Peninsula has isolated many species from their continental habitats. Also the country's topography with the numerous high mountains and narrow valleys has made many species develop interesting endemic subspecies.

100 species have been recorded from Norway. Of these, 2 are rare migrants; Colias crocea and Pontia edusa. One species, Polyommatus dorylas, has been encountered in Norway only once and has never been found again. It might have been accidentally introduced to Norway, in which case it should not be included in the list of Norwegian butterflies. 2 species are common migrants that can survive the Norwegian winter only when it is exceptionally mild; Vanessa atalanta and Vanessa cardui. One species is definitely extinct; Nymphalis polychloros, while another - Boloria improba improbula - which was not found since 1948, was rediscovered in 2008. This leaves 95 species to be true residents of the country.


This section covers all species known to Norway. There is a suggestion of the systematic arrangements of the Norwegian butterflies. Some of the Norwegian subspecies might prove not to be good taxa. On the other hand, there might very well be good subspecies yet to be described. But the purpose of this web site is not to judge whether the present arrangement is correct or not - the purpose is to give the visitor an idea on the systematics of the Norwegian species, as it stands today.

There is a photo gallery corresponding to that of the birdwings. All Norwegian species are shown, as well as most described subspecies and many forms. The Norwegian endemic subspecies, as well as many little-known local forms, should be of interest to many entomologists. On March 15, 2003, some 88 photographs of Norwegian butterflies were published, all of which are specimens found in the collections of the Zoological Museum of Oslo. Later around 150 more photos, both from the author's own reference collection, as well as from the collections of other amateur entomologists, have been added.

The systematic list of the Norwegian species can be found here. Click further on a species name to enter the text and photos of the desired species.

Parnassius apollo norvegicus (Menthe, 1912) (September 1991)

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