Butterflies of Norway




English name: Thor's Fritillary.
Norwegian name: Tors perlemorvinge.
Auctor: (Hbner, [1806])
Original description: as Papilio thore in Samml. eur. Schmett. [1] : 571-573
Syn.: - - -
Type locality of nominate species: Tyrolean Alps.
Worldwide distribution: Alps, North Europe, forest belt of Palaearctic Region to Mongolia,
N China, North Korea, Kamchatka, Sakhalin Is. and Japan.
Subspecies in Norway: B.t.borealis.
Recognized subspecies: B.t.thore (Hbner, 1806) - Alps.
B.t.borealis (Staudinger, 1861) - North Europe, North Siberia, Kamchatka Peninsula.
B.t.carelia Valle, 1941 - Lake Ladoga, Carelia.
B.t.excelens (Krulikovsky, 1893) [= splendida (Krulikovsky, 1895)] - Central European part of Russia.
B.t.transuralensis (Sheljuzhko, 1931) - West Siberia..
B.t.hypercala (Fruhstorfer, 1907) [= lacrimosa (Korshunov, 1999)] - Altai, Sayan and Transbaikalia.
B.t.hyperusia (Fruhstorfer, 1907) [= meridionalis (Kardakov, 1928)] (= brenda Hemming, 1933) - Amur and Ussuri.
B.t.karafutonis (Matsumura, 1919) - Sakhalinsk Is.
B.t.jezoensis (Matsumura, 1926) - Japan; Hokkaido Is.
Etymology: thore: rr (Tor), son of Odin and Frigg, brother of Balder, was the
god of thunder in Norse mythology. He travelled through the skies in a
wagon pulled by billy-goats, creating the thunder.


B.thore borealis

Auctor: (Staudinger, 1861)
Syn.: as Argynnis Thore Borealis in Cat. Lep. Eur.: 9.
Type locality of subspecies: Lapland.
Distribution in Norway: Mountains of northern South Norway. From lowland in North Norway.
Notes: B.thore is very rare in the South Norway, more common in North Norway.
Described forms found in Norway: - - -
Etymology: borealis = northern.


Boloria (Clossiana) thore borealis (45kB)


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3 4







 Coll. date


 In coll.


 1  154  TRI  Balsfjord  04-JUL-1980  Tony Nagypal  TN  350 m
 2  154  TRI  Balsfjord  13-JUL-2001  Tony Nagypal  TN  380 m
 3  154  TRI  Balsfjord  04-JUL-1980  Tony Nagypal  TN  350 m
 4  154  TRI  Mlselv  05-JUL-1980  Tony Nagypal  TN  350 m


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