Butterflies of Norway




English name: Large Skipper.
Norwegian name: Engsmyger.
Auctor: (Esper, [1778])
Original description: as Papilio Pl. v. sylvanus in Schmett. Abb. Nat. 1 (1).
Syn.: melicerta Bergstrsser, 1780
faunus Turati, 1905
alexandra Hemming, 1934
esperi Verity, 1934
Type locality of nominate species: Germany.
Worldwide distribution: Europe, Asia Minor to Syria and Iran, Central Asia to Siberia, Mongolia,
Korea, Sakhalinsk Is. and Kuriles Isls.
Notes: O. sylvanus in Europe was during several decades named as O. venatus
faunus (Turati, 1905). O. venatus is, however, a species restricted to
East Asia; from SE China to Amur, Korea and Japan. The Commission
for Zoological Nomenclature has therefore determined that the Eurasian
species shall be named O. sylvanus.
Subspecies in Norway: O.s.sylvanus.
Worldwide subspecies: O.s.sylvanus (Linnaeus, 1758) - Europe, Asia.
O.s.hyrcana Christoph, 1893 - Talysh Mts, Kopet-Dagh.
O.s.similis Leech, 1894 - S Amur, Ussuri, Sakhalinsk Is., Kuriles Isls.


O. sylvanus sylvanus

Auctor: (Esper, [1778])
Syn.: faunus Turati, 1905
Type locality of subspecies: Germany.
Distribution in Norway: South Norway.
Notes: - - -
Described forms found in Norway: - - -
Etymology: Silvanus was the god of the woods and fields in Greek mythology.


Ochlodes sylvanus sylvanus (=Ochlodes venatus faunus) from Norway

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 Kommune  Coll. date  Remarks
 1  18  TEI  Nome  22-JUN-2003  m (venteal view)
 2  69  MRI  Stranda  24-JUN-1996  m
 3  28  B  Drammen  21-JUN-1986  m
 4  28  B  Ryken  22-JUN-1986  f
 5  11  AAY  Tvedestrand  21-JUL-2001  f
 6  28  B  Drammen  24-JUN-1990  f (ventral view)


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