Butterflies of Norway




English name: Dewy Alpine.
Norwegian name: Fjellringvinge.
Auctor: (Borkhausen, 1788)
Original description: as Papilio pandrose in Naturgesch. europ. Schmett. 1 : 95.
Syn.: lappona Becklin, 1791
orientalis Goltz, 1930 nom. praeocc.
yernikensis Korshunov, 1995
Type locality of nominate species: Steyermark, Austria.
Worldwide distribution: Mountains of C Europe (E Pyrenees, Alps, Carpathian Mts., Balkan),
Fennoscandia, Kola Peninsula to S Siberia and Mongolia.
Distribution in Norway: Mountains of South, Central and North Norway.
Subspecies in Norway: E.pandrose.
Worldwide subspecies: Probably no valid subspecies exists of E. pandrose.
Described forms found in Norway: f. rambringi Henriksen
Notes: E. pandrose is a common species in many Norwegian mountains.
Etymology: Pandrose is a Greek name.



Erebia pandrose from Norway


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4 5 6






Coll. date


In coll.


1 154 TRI Balsfjord 12-JUL-2001 Tony Nagypal TN elev. 480 m
2     8 RI Forsand 19-JUL-1999 Tony Nagypal TN elev. 900 m
3   43 BV Ål 09-JUL-1989 Tony Nagypal TN elev. 1400 m
4 154 TRI Balsfjord 12-JUL-2001 Tony Nagypal TN ventral view - elev. 480 m
5 154 TRI Balsfjord 23-JUL-1997 Tony Nagypal TN ventral view - elev. 510 m
6 165 FV Alta 27-JUN-1999 Tony Nagypal TN ventral view - elev. 350 m


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