Butterflies of Norway






English name: UK: Chequered Skipper. US: Arctic Skipperling, Arctic Skipper.
Norwegian name: Gulflekksmyger.
Auctor: (Pallas, 1771)
Original description: as Papilio palaemon in Reise durch verschied. Prov. russ. Reichs. I : 471.
Syn.: paniscus Fabricius, 1775
brontes Dennis & Schiffermüller, 1776
Type locality of nominate species: Russia, probably Volga region (ref Tuzov & al., 1997).
Worldwide distribution: Central and North Europe across temperate parts of Asia to Japan and
North America.
Subspecies in Norway: C.palaemon borealis.
Worldwide subspecies: C.p.palaemon (Pallas, 1771) - Central Europe to Pacific coast of Russia.
C.p.mandan (W.H.Edwards, 1863) North America; Upper Transition to Hudson Zone.
C.p.borealis Lingonblad - Fennoscandia.
C.p.albiguttata Christoph, 1893 - Middle Ural to Siberia.
C.p.murasei Matsumura, 1925 - South Sakhalin Is..
C.p.satakei (Matsumura, 1919) - Japan; Honshu.
C.p.akaishianus Fujioka, 1970 - Japan; Honshu.
Etymology: Palaemon was a god of the sea in Greek myth.


C. palaemon borealis

Auctor: (Lingonblad, 1944)
Original description: in Not. Ent. 24: 71-75.
Syn.: - - -
Type locality of subspecies: - - -
Distribution in Norway: Lowlands of Norway as far north as 66oN.
Notes: C.palaemon is uncommon, but still has some strong populations along
the coast of Telemark and Agder, as well as in Central Norway (Trøndelag).
Very few records exist from West Norway the last 50 years.
Described forms found in Norway: - - -
Etymology: borealis = northern.



Carterocephalus palaemon borealis from Norway

1 2 3
4 5 6






 Kommune  Coll. date  Remarks
 1  103   STI  Lierne  07-JUL-1998  
 2  103   STI  Lierne  07-JUL-1998  
 3  103   STI  Lierne  07-JUL-1998  
 4      6   AAY  Grimstad  21-JUN-1987  (ventral view)
 5    17   TEI  Kviteseid  15-JUN-2003  (ventral view)
 6  103   STI  Lierne  07-JUL-1998  (ventral view)

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