Butterflies of Norway




English name: UK: Essex Skipper. US: European Skippering.
Norwegian name: Timoteismyger.
Auctor: (Ochsenheimer, [1808])
Original description: as Papilio lineola in Schmett. Eur. I(2) : 230.
Syn.: virgula (Hübner, [1813])
Type locality of nominate species: Germany.
Worldwide distribution: Morocco, Algeria, Europe and temperate belt of Asia to the Russian Pacific
coast. Introduced to Ontario around 1910 and now inhabits the eastern part
of Canada and USA. A second introduction was made to British Columbia in 1960.
With the speed of spreading continuing, T. lineola will occupy Alaska and
the Rocky Mountains in 30 or 40 years (ref. Scott, 1986).
Subspecies in Norway: T.l.lineola.
Worldwide subspecies: T.l.lineola (Ochsenheimer, 1808) - Most of its range.
T.l.melissus Zerny, 1932 [= melinus Ellison, 1939 (lapsus calami)] - Bscherré Cedars (Lebanon)
T.l.fornax Hemming, 1934 - Jordan.
T.l.kushana Wyatt, 1961 - Northern Afghanistan.


T. lineola lineola

Auctor: (Ochsenheimer, [1808])
Syn.: - - -
Original description: as Hesperia lineola in Die Schmetterling von Europa, 1(2):230
Type locality of subspecies: Germany.
Distribution in Norway: South-east Norway.
Notes: T. lineola was recorded from South-east Norway before 1875. It was
again recorded around 1980, probably re-introduced with its larval host plant,
cat's tail grass (Phleum pratense). Today T. lineola is known from
BØ:Drammen and northwards to Sigdal valley. It is still spreading both
northwards and southwards. In 2003 it was found in OS: Gran.
Described forms found in Norway: - - -
Etymology: lineola = "small line" (Latin)


Thymelicus lineola lineola from Norway

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 Kommune  Coll. date  Remarks
 1  28  BØ  Drammen  16-AUG-1998  m
 2  28  BØ  Drammen  16-AUG-1988  f
 3  28  BØ  Øvre Eiker  10-JUL-1988  m (ventral view)

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