Butterflies of Norway




English name: Queen of Spain Fritillary
Norwegian name: Spansk Dronning
Auctor: (Linnaeus, 1758)
Original description: as Papilio Nymphalis lathonia in Syst.Nat. (Edn. 10) I: 481.
Syn.: valdensis (Esper, [1804])
saturata (R÷ber, 1896)
hungarica (Aigner-Abafi, 1906)
florens Verity, 1916
sheljuzhkoi (Stauder, 1923)
Type locality of nominate species: "Europe" (Sweden).
Worldwide distribution: North-west Africa, Europe, temperate belt of Asia to the Russian
Pacific Coast, the Himalayas and China.
Subspecies in Norway: I.l.lathonia.


I. lathonia lathonia

Auctor: (Linnaeus, 1758)
Syn.: --
Type locality of subspecies: "Europe" (Sweden).
Distribution in Norway: South Norway.
Notes: I. lathonia is a rare species in Norway. In some areas it
has two generations a year (probably in Gudbrandsdalen, etc),
in other areas only one generation (like in Hallingdal).
Described forms found in Norway: f. valdensis (Esper, [1804]) (melanic form)
Etymology: lathonia: Latona was the Roman name of the Greek goddess Leto -
daughter of Titan and Phoebe, mother of Apollo and Artemis.
valdensis: valde = exceedingly.

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Kommune Coll. date Legit In coll. Remarks
1 7 RY Klepp 13-V-1936 Fritz Jensen ZMO m
2 62 ON Nord-Fron 14-VIII-1878 Wilhelm Maribo Sch°yen ZMO m
3 19 VE Stokke 23-VII-1911 Karl Haanshus ZMO m - ventral view
4 62 ON Nord-Fron 20-VIII-1877 Wilhelm Maribo Sch°yen ZMO f
5 29 AK Oslo   Robert Collett ZMO f
6 20 ě Sarpsborg 28-VII-1976   ZMO f- ventral view

For further notes, photos and maps of this species, check out
the Lepidoptera homepage of the Zoological Museum of Oslo/Norwegian Entomological Society/Skogforsk
(text in Norwegian).

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