Butterflies of Norway




English name: Turquoise Blue
Norwegian name: Isblåvinge
Auctor: ([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775)
Original description: as Papilio dorylas in Syst. Werkes. Schmett. Wien.: 322.
Wienergegend 322
Syn.: argester (Bergsträsser, 1779)
Syn.: hylas Esper, 1793
Type locality of nominate species: Vicinity of Vienna, Austria.
Subspecies in Norway: P. dorylas ?suecica.
Worldwide distribution: Pyrenees, C, S and E Europe to Ural, Caucasus,
Transcaucasia, Turkey.
Etymology: Dorylas was a centaur (half man, half horse) in Greek mythology.


P. dorylas suecica

Auctor: - - -
Syn.: - - -
Type locality of subspecies: Sweden.
Distribution in Norway: South-east Norway.
Notes: Only one single specimen has been found in Norway; in Østfold fylke,
Sarpsborg, 1995 (leg. Tore Jan Olsen). The specimen was probably a
single stray as dorylas has never been recaptured in Norway. The nearest
known populations are far away from Sarpsborg, in South-east Sweden
(ssp. suecica) and Gotland Is. (ssp. gotlandica).
Described forms found in Norway: - - -
Etymology: suecica = of Sweden.

Polyommatus dorylas from Gotland Is., Sweden

1 2 3
4 5 6

POLYOMMATUS  DORYLAS  from Sweden and Spain

Specimen Country Region District Coll. date Subspecies Remarks Elevation
1 Sweden Gotland Gotlands kommun 19-JUL-1998 ssp. gotlandica m Lowland
2 Sweden Gotland Gotlands kommun 14-JUL-1998 ssp. gotlandica m (ventral view) Lowland
3 Sweden Gotland Gotlands kommun 14-JUL-1998 ssp. gotlandica m (ventral view) Lowland
4 Spain Catalunya Ripollés 26-JUN-2002 ssp. dorylas m 1110 m
5 Sweden Gotland Gotlands kommun 16-JUL-1998 ssp. gotlandica f Lowland
6 Spain Catalunya Ripollés 04-JUL-2002 ssp. dorylas f 1110 m

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