Butterflies of Norway




English name: False Heath Fritillary.
Norwegian name: Mørk rutevinge
Auctor: (Lang, 1789)
Original description: as Papilio diamina in Verzeichniß Schmett. Gegend Augsburg (Ed. 2) : 44.
Syn.: - - -
Type locality of nominate species: Around Augsburg, Germany.
Worldwide distribution: Central Europe and South Fennoscandia to South Siberia, Ussuri,
Mongolia, NE China and North Korea and Japan.
Subspecies in Norway: M.d.hebe.
Etymology: Eliasson, Ryrholm & Gärdenfors suggest the name diamina is combined by the Greek word dia (diva)
  (deity) and the Latin word mina (a word for measure of weight).


M. diamina hebe

Auctor: (Borkhausen, 1793)
Original description: as Papilio hebe in Rheinisches Magazin Naturkunde 1 : 270.
Syn.: dictynna (Esper, [1777]) (nom. praeocc).
Type locality of subspecies: ?Erlangen, Germany.
Distribution in Norway: South Norway.
Notes: Hesselbarth, van Oorschot & Wagener (1995) placed M.diamina hebe as a synonym of M.diamina diamina.
  Swedish specimens of M.diamina corresponds to ssp. hebe by having well developed dark pattern and a
  whitish colour of spots in wing centre of females. M.diamina from Larvik area (Norway, VE) are close to
  Swedish specimens, while M.diamina from West Norway and Buskerud-Østfold are quite different, often difficult
  separate from M.athalia lachares.
Described forms found in Norway: - - -
Etymology: - - -


Melitaea diamina hebe from Norway and Sweden.JPG

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4 5 6
7 8 9


MELITAEA  DIAMINA  ssp  from  Norway





Coll. date


In coll.


1 17 TEI Kviteseid 15-JUN-2003 Tony Nagypal TN  
2 10 VE Larvik 01-JUL-1991 Torbjørn Pedersen TN  
3 10 VE Larvik 01-JUL-1991 Torbjørn Pedersen TN  
4 10 VE Larvik 30-JUN-1991 Torbjørn Pedersen TN Ventral view
5 28 Drammen 22-JUN-1989 Tony Nagypal TN Ventral view
6 17 TEI Kviteseid 15-JUN-2003 Tony Nagypal TN Ventral view

For comparison:  MELITAEA  DIAMINA  HEBE  from  Sweden

7   Kalmar Öland 27-JUN-1984 Torbjørn Pedersen TN  
8   Kalmar Öland 27-JUN-1984 Torbjørn Pedersen TN  
9   Kalmar Öland 27-JUN-1981 Torbjørn Pedersen TN  


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