Butterflies of Norway




English name: UK: Arctic Fritillary. US: Purple Bog Fritillary.
Norwegian name: Arktisk perlemorvinge
Auctor: (Schneider, 1794)
Original description: as Papilio chariclea in Lapland. Schmett. Schneid. Mag. 5:588.
Syn.: titania Scott, 1986
Type locality of nominate species: Lapland.
Worldwide distribution: Polar tundra of Europe and Asia, Greenland, Alaska, North Canada.
Subspecies in Norway: B.c.chariclea.
Recognized subspecies: B.c.chariclea (Schneider, 1794) - Arctic Fennoscandia, Kola, Komi
to Northern Urals.
B.c.arctica (Zetterstedt, 1840) - North America from Greenland to
Yukon Territory, tundra of Asian part of Russia, incl. Wrangel Is.
(= B.c.tshuktsha Dubatolov & Korshunov, 1998).


B. chariclea chariclea

Auctor: (Schneider, 1794)
Syn.: - - -
Type locality of subspecies: Lapland.
Distribution in Norway: North Norway; northern Troms and Finnmark.
Notes: - - -
Described forms found in Norway: - - -
Etymology: Chariclea: a nymph (Greek mythology).

char-16.JPG (54911 bytes)

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Kommune Coll. date Legit In coll. Remarks
1 165 FV Alta 20-VII-1924 Emil Barca ZMO  
2 166 FN Porsanger 03-VIII-1924 Emil Barca ZMO  
3 169 Sør-Varanger 06-VII-1990 Øistein Berg & Reidar Voith ZMO  
4 181 FN Porsanger     ZMO ventral view
5 165 FV Alta 16-VII.1991 Per Tangen ZMO ventral view
6 155 TRI Storfjord 09-VIII-1987 Geir E. E. Søli ZMO ventral view


For further notes, photos and maps of this species, check out
the Lepidoptera homepage of the Zoological Museum of Oslo/Norwegian Entomological Society/Skogforsk
(text in Norwegian).

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