Butterflies of Norway




English name: Painted lady
Norwegian name: Tistelsommerfugl
Auctor: Linnaeus, 1758
Original description: as Papilio Nymphalis cardui in Syst.Nat. (Edn. 10) I:475.
Syn.: amiralis, (Reitzius, 1783)
Type locality of nominate species: Sweden.
Subspecies in Norway: No subspecies exists of V.cardui.
Worldwide distribution: Worldwide distribution except Australia and New Zealand where it is
replaced by Vanessa kershawi (McCoy, 1868).
Distribution in Norway: Entire Norway including Svalbard Archipelago.
Notes: A migrant species. Most summers it treks from South Europe all the way
to Norway. It is has even been recorded once in Spitsbergen Is., Svalbard,
at 78o10'N (Mt. Kolberget, Grumantbyen, 02-VII-1978, ref Lokki, Malmström
& Suomalainen, 1978, Noc.Ent. 58:121-123). In addition to Pieris napi,
V.cardui is the only butterfly species to have reached this Arctic island.
V.cardui is not seen every year in the Norway. Some years it is totally
absent, while other years it occurs in abundance.
Described forms found in Norway: - - -
Etymology: Carduus (from Greek kardos) = thistle.


1 2
3 4






 Coll. date


 1  19  V  Sandefjord  16-AUG-2003  
 2  19  V  Sandefjord  16-AUG-2003  
 3  17  TEI  Kviteseid  08-JUN-1996  (ventral view)
 4  17  TEI  Kviteseid  08-JUN-1996  (ventral view)

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