Butterflies of Norway




English name: Large White
Norwegian name: Kålsommerfugl
Auctor: (Linnaeus, 1758)
Original description: as Papilio Danaus brassicae in Syst.Nat. (Edn. 10) I: 467.
Syn.: chariclea (Stephens, 1828) (part)
anthrax Graham-Smith & Graham-Smith, 1930
carnea Graham-Smith & Graham-Smith, 1930
emigrisea Rocci, 1919
griseopicta Rocci, 1919
infratrinotata Carhel, 1954
nigrescens Cockerell, 1889
Type locality of nominate species: Sweden.
Worldwide distribution: North Africa, Europe, temperate parts of Asia to the Himalaya Mts.
Introduced to Japan and Chile.
Subspecies in Norway: P.b.brassicae
Recognized subspecies: P.b.brassicae (Linnaeus, 1758) - Northern Europe
P.b.catoleuca Röber, 1896 - Asia Minor, Middle East
P.b.cypria Verity, 1908 - Cyprus
P.b.cyniphia (Turati, 1924) - Libya
P.b.'noname' - Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia (sensu Reissinger, 1990)
P.b.verna (Zeller, 1847) - Sicily
P.b.italorum Stauder, 1921 - Italy
P.b.vazquezi Oberthür, 1914 - Iberia
P.b.subtaeniata (Turati, 1929) - Greece; Rhodes Is.
P.b.marghanita Hemming, 1941 - Kopet-Dagh
P.b.ottonis Röber, [1907] - Turan, Tian-Shan, Ghissar, Darvaz, Altai, Pamir
Notes: Certain subspecies in Continental Europe are doubtful.


P. brassicae brassicae

Auctor: (Linnaeus, 1758)
Syn.: --
Type locality of subspecies: Sweden.
Distribution in Norway: Norway north to Nordland or possibly even further north.
Notes: A common species throughout its range in Norway.
Described forms found in Norway: gen. vern. chariclea Stephens, 1827 (spring generation)
gen. aest. lepidii Röber (autumn generation)
Etymology: brassicae = cabbage.



1 2 3
4 5  






 Coll. date


 1  19  Ø  Rygge  04-SEP-1998  male
 2  68  MRY  Ørsta  23-JUN-1993  female
 3  12  Ø  Hvaler  08-JUN-2002  female (after copuli, part of the male body is still attached to the female!)
 4  50  SFI  Aurland  09-JUN-2000  male (ventral view)
 5  12  Ø  Rygge  04-SEP-1998  female (ventral view)

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