Butterflies of Norway




English name: Amanda's Blue
Norwegian name: Amandablåvinge
Auctor: (Schneider, 1792)
Original description: as Papilio Plebeji rur. amandus in Neuestes Mag. Liebh. Ent. Stralsund 1 (4): 428-429.
Syn.: icarius (Esper, [1789])
Syn.: agathon Godart, [1824]
Type locality of nominate species: South Sweden.
Subspecies in Norway: P. amanda amanda.
Worldwide distribution: Morocco, Algeria, Pyrenees, Central Europe, South Scandinavia,
temperate parts of Palaearctic region.


P. amanda amanda

Auctor: (Schneider, 1792)
Syn.: - - -
Type locality of subspecies: South Sweden.
Distribution in Norway: South-east Norway.
Notes: - - -
Described forms found in Norway: female forms amanda and isias.
Etymology: amanda = who deserves to be loved (Greek).


Polyommatus amanda from Norway

1 2
3 4





Kommune Coll. date Form Remarks Elevation
1 38 HES Eidskog 03-JUL-1994   m 190 m
2 38 HES Eidskog 03-JUL-1994   m (ventral view) 190 m
3 35 Modum 12-JUL-2000 ff. amanda f 180 m
4 19 Ø Halden 16-JUN-1990 ff. isias f Lowland


Polyommatus amanda from Sweden

1 2 3
4 5 6

For comparison:  POLYOMMATUS  AMANDA  AZUREA  from Sweden

Specimen Country Län District Coll. date Subspecies Remarks Elevation
1 Sweden Värmland Grumns kommun 01-JUL-2001 ssp. azurea m  
2 Sweden Värmland Karlstads kommun 01-JUL-2001 ssp. azurea m  
3 Sweden Värmland Grums kommun 01-JUL-2001 ssp. azurea m (ventral view)  
4 Sweden Kalmar Ölands kommun 28-JUN-1981 ssp. azurea f  
5 Sweden Västernorrland Sundsvalls kommun 09-JUL-1998 ssp. azurea f  
6 Sweden Gotland Gotlands kommun 29-JUN-1992 ssp. azurea f (ventral view)  

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