Butterflies of Norway




English name: Green-underside Blue
Norwegian name: Alexisblåvinge
Auctor: (Poda, 1761)
Original description: as Papilio alexis in Insecta Musei Graecensis: 77.
Syn.: cyllaris (Rottemburg, 1775)
tshatkala (Korb, 1997)
Type locality of nominate species: Graz, Austria.
Subspecies in Norway: G. alexis schneideri.
Worldwide distribution: Tunisia, Morocco, Europe, temperate parts of Asia to Kazakhstan, Mongolia,
NW China and Amur.
Etymologi: Alexis was a shepard in Latin poet Vergilius (70 BC - 19 BC) work "Eclogues".


G. alexis schneideri

Auctor: (Strand, 1903)
Original description: in Neue norwegische Schmetterlingsformen. Archiv for Mathematik og Naturvidenskab. B. XXV, 9:2-24.
Syn.: - - -
Type locality of subspecies: - - -
Distribution in Norway: South-east Norway.
Notes: - - -
Described forms found in Norway: - - -
Etymology: schneideri: named after Norwegian entomologist Hans Jacob Sparre Schneider.


1 2
3 4






Kommune Coll. date Legit In coll. Remarks
1 17 TEI Kviteseid 13-JUN-1999 Tony Nagypal TN m
2 28 Røyken 15-JUN-1986 Tony Nagypal TN m (ventral view)
3 6 AAY Tvedestrand 26-MAY-2000 Tony Nagypal TN f
4 28 AK Asker 14-JUN-1998 Tony Nagypal TN f (ventral view)

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