Butterflies of Norway




During the preparation of this web site the following works have been consulted:


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Lepidoptera, K宨avn, 1977. III:2, 48-50.
The original description of Argynnis aglaja f. sinenigra.


Aarvik, L, Berggren, K & Hansen, L.O. (Editors): "Catalogus Lepidopterorum Norvegiae".
LepArb, Zool Mus, NISK, Oslo. 2000. 192 pp.
A catalogue of all Norwegian Lepidoptera, listing 2123 species, with comments to hundreds of species. This publication is the result of the impressive work carried out by the so-called LepArb group (Lepidopterologisk Arbeidsgruppe). 10 enthusiasts (Sigurd A. Bakke, Yngvar Berg, ةstein Berg, Kai Berggren, Bj. Fjellstad, Lars Ove Hansen, Kai Myhr, Heimo O. P騶nen, Svein Svendsen and Leif Aarvik) voluntarily spent most of their free time in the period 1986 - 2000 (indeed some of them still do) to map all Norwegian Lepidoptera. Their extremely strict self-imposed rules have made their data base the most accurate national data base in the world. It is a fact that the group has personally examined an estimated 95% of all Norwegian specimens existing in collections, both public and private.


Andersson, K.: "D岧r䳦j䲩len - en hotad raritet".
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On the threats to Pararge achine in mainland Sweden.


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On European butterflies and moths.


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On the decline of Swedish oak forests and the impact on Pararge achine.


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On the abundance of Parnassius mnemosyne in Sunndalen.


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On the work to save Pararge achine in mainland Sweden.


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On the status of Parnassius apollo in Sweden.


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Summary from a collecting trip to North Norway.


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Field notes from an excursion to Gudbrandsdalen Valley and Dovre Mountain, Norway.


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Field notes from an excursion to Gudbrandsdalen Valley and Dovre Mountain, Norway.

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A fine book, describing all butterflies species found in Alberta, Canada.


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On the technique of collecting butterflies with the help of red wine, sugar, rum and a rope.


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On the rearing of Satyrium ilicis.


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Describing Parnassius mnemosyne nordstr�/I> for the first time.


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Covering all butterflies of Australia.


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An excellent book covering the butterflies of Fennoscandia, Baltic states and the British Isles. Also very useful as an identification guide.


Dahl, B.: "Fj䲩lar i Naturen". Vol. 2: Mellaneuropa.
Wahlstr�amp; Widstrand, Stockholm. 1981. 132 pp incl colour drawings of all species.
Same as the previous book, covering all butterfly species of Central Europe.


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On the territorial behaviour of Lycaena virgaureae.


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Nationalnyckeln till Sveriges Flora och Fauna, DE 50-54. Uppsala, 2005.
This is the first volume of the Encyclopedia of the Swedish Flora and Fauna, an ambiguous book project that will cover all life forms found in Sweden. This book covers all butterfly species found in the Nordic countries (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland) in an excellent way. With identification keys, maps and historical maps to all species.


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On the distribution of Aporia crataegi in Telemark, Norway.


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Suggesting that the sudden disappearance of Parnassius apollo from all coastal areas in Norway may have been caused by other factors that acid rain.


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Treating all Russian butterfly species with distribution maps to each species.


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Checklist of the genus Genus with synonyms.


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Checklist of all Swedish Lepidoptera with distribution tables, notes and bibliography.


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On the studies of Parnassius mnemosyne argiope in Blekinge l䮬 Sweden.


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NINA 2000. 145 pp.
A report on rare butterflies and moths in Norway.


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Comparing Albulina optilete clara from Denmark with the nominate subspecies.


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Skandinavisk Bogforlag, Odense. 1982. 215 pp incl 102 colour plates.
Covering the butterflies of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, 122 species. With many interesting notes on geographical variation, habitats and behaviour. The photos of localities are good, representing the species' Scandinavian habitats. The taxonomic notes, however, are somewhat confusing.


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A catalogue of the genus Melitaea.


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A catalogue of the genus Euphydryas.


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Transactions of the Royal Entomological Society of London, London. 1955. 106 : 1, pp 1 - 131, plus one colour plate, one b/w plate and text figures.
A catalogue of the genus Mellicta, with additional notes to the two previous papers.


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Collins, London. 1975. 320 pp.
A useful book with drawings of male genitalia of all West European butterfly species.


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Tiden Norsk Forlag, Oslo. 1972. 366 pp plus 60 colour plates, distribution maps to all species.
Covering all butterflies of West Europe and Northwest Africa. Also the English original, "A Field Guide to the Butterflies of Britain and Europe", was used during the preparation of this web site.


Holtan, D & Grimstad, K.J.: "Funn av mnemosynesommarfugl Parnassius mnemosyne i Stranda, M堯g Romsdal".
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On the distribution of Parnassius mnemosyne.


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Covering all butterflies of America north of Mexico.


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Unknown origin, ?1992.
On the lifting of the prohibition of collection Pararge achine in Gotland Island, Sweden.


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On the status of Parnassius apollo in Sweden.


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On the studies of Pararge aegeria in wet summer conditions.


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Studies of the immature stages of Brenthis ino in Denmark.


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Checklist of all Danish Lepidoptera with distribution tables, notes and bibliography.


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Describing Parnassius mnemosyne viidaleppi for the first time.


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Notes on particularly dark specimens of Coenonympha pamphilus from a locality in the Tretten district, Norway.


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On the status of European Papilionids.


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From a collecting trip to Telemark.


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Lists not less than 5319 bibliographical references to the European Papilionoidea, with emphasis on the period 1901 - 1983. With a subject index (systematic, by country, by key word).


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A very informative work on the study of butterflies. Among the features treated are; morphology - early stages & adult structure and function, phylogeny, genetics, butterfly chromosomes and their application in systematics and phylogeny, enzyme electrophoretic methods, experimental breeding, parasitoids, behaviour, movements of butterflies. There is also a chapter on "Who's Who in European lepidopterology", listing hundreds of personalities, their background and main studies, their collections and the whereabouts of these.


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Aula-Verlag Wiesbaden. 1986. 323 pp. 57 text figures, incl many photos of European habitats.
With discussions on the decline of European butterflies, its causes and countermeasures and suggestions on conservation programmes. A chapter on Applied Taxonomy also includes a very useful glossary of taxonomic terms.


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A taxonomic revision of the genus Hipparchia.


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This is the first ever distribution atlas covering all European butterflies, containing 451 dot distribution maps covering Europe from Ireland in the west to the Urals in the east.


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On the Scandinavian butterflies.


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Covering the butterflies of Egypt, 58 species.


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Covering the butterflies of Lebanon, 139 species.


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Covering the butterflies of former North Yemen, 75 species.


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Covering the butterflies of Oman, 72 species.


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Covering the butterflies of Jordan, 81 species.


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On the occurrence of Vanessa cardui in the Arctic Norwegian island Spitsbergen, Svalbard Archipelago (78oN).


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First confirmation on the larval foodplant of Parnassius apollo jotunensis; Sedum rosea.


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A fine book covering all butterflies of the British Isles.


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Hints on rearing Thecla betulae.


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On the pupation of Neozephyrus quercus without the presence of ant nests.


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Hints on rearing Apatura iris.


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A checklist of the butterflies of America north of Mexico, listing all species, synonyms, auctor, type locality, etc.


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Distribution maps and notes on all butterfly species of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.


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On rare Danish lepidoptera, as Limenitis camilla, Glaucopsyche alcon and Satyrium pruni that occasionally can occur in abundance.


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Reminiscences of the collecting of Satyrium pruni and Lycaena dispar rutilus in Denmark in the years 1936-1945.


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The original description of Aricia eumedon sundalensis.


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The original description of Parnassius apollo jotunensis.


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Notes on foreign macrolepidoptera accidentally introduced to Norway, including Danaus plexippus, Oeneis nevadensis and Vanessa indica vulcanica.


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Notes on the distribution and larval food plant of Parnassius apollo jotunensis.


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Reminiscences of 19th century Norwegian lepidopterists; Lauritz M. Esmark, Johan Heinrich S. Siebke, vicar Deinboll, Niels G. Moe, Nicolai B. Aall, Sparre Schneider, Wilhelm Maribo Sch宬 Georg Sandberg, Johan Rygge and others.


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2nd part of Opheim's reminiscences of 19th century Norwegian lepidopterists; Sparre Schneider, O.J. Lie-Pettersen, Wilhelm Maribo Sch宬 Robert Collett, Hans Str적. Hagemann, Georg Sandberg and others.


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Notes on Parnassius mnemosyne in Sunndalen, Norway.


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On the rediscovery of the butterfly collection of S. S㢥rg.


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A revision of 16 species of Pieridae and Nymphalidae from Fennoscandia. Describing M. athalia fennica, A. "aphirape" montana, A. "aphirape" subargentata and A. "arsilache" scandinavica as new taxa.


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ֳtgota Correspondenten, unknown date.
On the status of Pararge achine in Sweden.


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On butterflies and moths in Medelpad, Sweden.


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M魯ires de Comit頤e Liaison pour les Recherches Ecofaunistiques dans le Jura. Besan篮. 1988. pp 17-28. Text figures.
Describing Leptidea lorkovicii for the first time. (The taxon was later named Leptidea reali Reissinger, 1990, on the basis of the name lorkovicii being a nom. praeocc.).


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A checklist of the Pieridae of the Western Palaearctic Region.


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On the legal protection of Parnassius apollo and P. mnemosyne in Norway.


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Stories from butterfly collecting in Scandinavia's mountains.


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Stories from butterfly collecting in Scandinavia's mountains.


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Stanford University Press, Stanford, CA. 1986. 583 + 13 pp plus 64 colour plates, distribution maps to all species.
A fine book covering all butterflies of America north of Mecixo.


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On the status of Danish butterflies.


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On the abundance of Nymphalis antiopa and Vanessa atalanta in North Norway 1989, 1990 and 1991.


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On the pronunciation of scientific names.


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Insekt-Nytt, Oslo, 4: 25-26, 1988.
On the meaning of scientific names.


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On the threats to Swedish butterflies.


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An good book covering all 175 taxa found in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.


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H. Aschehoug & Co, Oslo. 1999. 232 pp incl colour plates (nice drawings) and distribution maps to all species.
A good book covering all the butterflies of North Europe (north of the 51st parallel. The original Danish title (from 1994) is "Dagsommerfugle i Nordvest-Europa".


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An excellent book covering the butterflies Pamir, 115 species.


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A fine book covering all butterflies of the families Hesperiidae, Papilionidae, Pieridae and Satyridae of the former USSR.


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A fine book covering all butterflies of the families Libytheidae, Danaidae, Nympahlidae, Riodinidae and Lycaenidae of the former USSR.


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On Parnassius mnemosyne in southern Finland, eastern Sweden and Karelia.


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On the elm disease and its impact on butterflies.


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On the Lepidoptera of Greenland, 52 species whereof 5 butterflies.



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